Muscle Map

Here you will find an overview of the most relevant muscles for strength training. It should be noted that the list of muscles of the different body regions is not complete. These are only the muscles that are important for strength training – not all the muscles that are anatomically located there.

Muscle Map
Muscle Map

Muscles of the shoulders

m. deltoideus

  • pars clavicularis
  • pars acromialis
  • pars spinalis

m. teres major

m. teres minor

Muscles of the upper arms

m. biceps brachii

  • caput longum
  • caput breves

m. triceps brachii

  • caput longum
  • caput mediale
  • caput laterale

Muscles of the lower arms

m. brachioradialis

Muscles of the chest

m. pectoralis major

  • pars clavicularis
  • pars sternocostalis
  • pars abdominalis

m. pectoralis minor

m. serratus anterior

Muscles of the upper back

m. trapezius

  • pars descendens
  • pars transversa
  • pars ascendens

m. latissimus dorsi

  • pars vertebralis
  • pars iliaca
  • pars costalis
  • pars scapularis

Muscles of the lower back

m. erector spinae

  • Spinalis capitis
  • Spinalis cervicis
  • Spinalis thoracis

Muscles of the buttocks

m. gluteus maximus

m. glutes medius

m. gluteus minimus

Muscles of the legs

m. biceps femoris

  • Caput longum
  • Caput breve

m. quadriceps femoris

  • m. rectus femoris
  • m. vastus medialis
  • m. vastus lateralis
  • m. vastus intermedius

adductor muscles

  • adductor longus
  • adductor brevis
  • adductor magnus

m. gastrocnemius

  • Caput mediale
  • Caput laterale

m. soleus

m. tibialis anterior