Lower back training: The best exercises for your lower back workout

Lower back training: Well-developed, powerful muscles of the body’s core form the center of strength in humans!” – This statement you will find widely in the literature dealing with fitness in general and strength training in particular. But is this assumption true?

It is! This central area of the torso comes into play especially when lifting heavy weights and carrying heavy loads. The muscles of the lower back (“back extensors”) and the entire abdominal area in particular serve as stabilizers. The muscles of the lower back (and their antagonists, the abdominal muscles) should therefore be sufficiently trained to you protect the entire spine from injury.

Important muscles of the lower back

The most important muscle of the lower back when it comes to strength training and postural stabilization is the erector spinae (mm. erector spinae). It is a complex muscular system with a multitude of muscle subsystems that allows complex movements of the spine in all directions and has a supporting and protective function for the spine and intervertebral discs.

Top 3 exercises for the lower back (mm. erector spinae)




Deadlift, Barbell

Back extension, machine

Back Extension, Machine

More exercises for the lower back (mm. erector spinae)