Standing crunches, cable machine (rope)

Standing crunches, cable machine (rope) are a very effective exercise when it comes to training the straight abdominal muscles (m. rectus abdominis). It can be performed in different variants. The most basic you can see here.

Standing crunches, cable machine (rope)
Standing crunches, cable machine (rope)

Muscles involved



Correct execution of standing crunches, cable machine (rope)

  • Take an upright position in front of a cable machine and grasp the two hanging rope ends with your hands.
  • Bring the ends of the rope close to your head so that your hands are at your sides slightly below your ears.
  • Now start the exercise by firmly tensing your core muscles, bringing your chin slightly towards your chest (you should still be able to fit a fist between your chin and your chest), look diagonally towards the floor and slowly roll your core forwards and downwards against the resistance of the rope.
  • Your pelvis will always remain stable.

Common mistakes with standing crunches, cable machine (rope)

  • Too much weight: too much weight will prevent you from performing the exercise correctly. This reduces the training effect and increases the risk of injury. 
  • Momentum: The strength comes only from the straight abdominal muscles during crunches on the cable machine. Do not falsify this movement execution with momentum from arms and upper body.
  • Upper body straight: The back is only straight in the starting position. Then you bend it during the crunch movement.
  • Chin rests on chest: The chin should not rest on the chest during crunches. The head naturally extends the spine so that neither the head is on the chin nor the neck.
  • Moving of the pelvis: Your pelvis will always remain stable.

Variants of crunches