Machine crunches

Machine crunches the demanding machine assisted version of the most important exercise when it comes to training the straight abdominal muscles (m. rectus abdominis).

Machine Crunches
Machine crunches

Muscles involved in machine crunches



Correct execution

  • Sit in the crunch machine and position yourself at the corresponding holding pads.
  • Now grasp the handles with your hands and make sure that your back is fixed to the pad.
  • If the machine allows it, assume a 90° angle between your upper body and thighs in the starting posture.
  • Now start the exercise by slowly rolling your upper body forward against the resistance of the machine, lifting your legs towards your abdomen and then straightening up again.

Common mistakes with machine crunches

  • Momentum: You should not use your arms or legs to gain momentum as this will lessen the training effect. You should get the strength solely from your abs.
  • Too fast movement: Many athletes choose too fast a speed when performing. A moderate speed is preferable to increase the effect of the training.
  • Too much weight: too much weight will prevent you from performing the exercise correctly. This reduces the training effect and increases the risk of injury. 

Variants of crunches

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