Leg curls, machine (seated)

Leg curls, machine (seated) is an isolation exercise for the m. biceps femoris. Due to its simplicity it is very suitable for beginners.

Leg Curls, machine (seated)

Muscles involved in Leg curls, machine (seated)



Correct execution

  • Sit in the leg curls machine and adjust the seat so that the knee joint axis is aligned with the machineĀ“s rotation axis and your back is firmly against the seat back.
  • The foot roll presses against your lower calves, specifically just above your Achilles tendons.
  • Hold on to the handholds with your hands.
  • Start the exercise by pressing your feet down against the resistance of the machine while tensing your leg muscles.
  • Pause briefly in the final position and then extend the knees again until shortly before the starting position. There you hold the tension of the muscles and the movement starts again

Common mistakes with leg curls, machine (seated)

  • Too much weight: too much weight will prevent you from performing the exercise correctly. This reduces the training effect and increases the risk of injury. 
  • Momentum: If you move the weight with momentum, you relieve the target muscles and thus reduce the training effect.  Consequently, you should avoid swinging movements and get the strength isolated from the m. quadriceps femoris.
  • Incorrect seating position: When choosing the seating position, the knee joint axis has to be aligned with the machineĀ“s rotation axis. Adjust the seat cushion carefully to avoid knee injuries.
  • Wrong position of the foot roll: The foot roll should press against your lower shins just above the feet. Make sure the position doesn’t slip