Hanging leg raises

Hanging leg raises are a very effective exercise when it comes to training the straight abdominal muscles (m. rectus abdominis). It mainly suitable for advanced and professional athletes

Hanging leg raises
Hanging leg raises

Muscles involved in hanging leg raises



Correct execution

  • This exercise are almost identical to the “leg raises, machine”. However, it has the additional advantage that no special equipment is required for the starting position; a pull-up-bar is completely sufficient.
  • To begin, hang from this bar (hands clasp the bar).
  • Pull both knees up toward your chest.
  • The upper back remains in the upright position while the buttocks and hips tend to move forward with you.
  • During the whole exercise your abdomen remains tense.

Common mistakes

  • Too much swinging and too much momentum: The exercise is performed carefully and at a moderate speed. Make sure that you do not swing too much and refrain from unnecessary momentum.
  • Movement too fast: The speed of movement must be moderate. In particular, many athletes perform the downward movement too quickly. This reduces the training effect.
  • Overestimation: This exercise is quite complex and requires some skill. Ask yourself if you are already able to do it correctly. If in doubt, find an easier alternative (e.g. crunches, kneeling crunches on the cable machine)