Common mistakes in strength training

The most common mistakes in strength training – there are lots of them … learn to avoid them here.

Lack of discipline

In weight training and bodybuilding – as in every other sport – there is no way around good discipline. The muscle regularly needs a certain stimulus to maintain or further build up. If the stimulus is too weak or does not occur, the built-up muscles will quickly degenerate.

Too much weight

You want to impress the blonde on the stepper with your bench presses? Since 20 kilos more on the bar look much better, right?

Maybe, but if you train with too much weight, you reduce your training effect, because you no longer perform the exercises cleanly. In addition, you increase your risk of injury enormously.

Too little weight

Too little weight can also have a negative effect on training. If you train permanently with too little weight, the training stimulus is lower than possible and therefore also the muscle building effect.

Incorrect execution of exercises

The wrong execution of exercises can have many reasons, e.g.

  • too much weight
  • ignorance
  • stupid habits

But the results are the same and all together unpleasant.

  • You do not train the target muscle anymore or not correctly.
  • You risk serious injuries and chronic problems.

Bad posture

While poor posture is a bit of a part of doing strength training exercises incorrectly, it deserves its own point.

Those who do not keep the trunk stable, let the shoulders hang, stretch the joints completely or bend them too much, etc. should not be surprised that strength training does not bring the desired effect, but on the contrary leads to incorrect loads and imbalances.

Too frequent or too infrequent training

The right frequency of training for a particular muscle group is essential for long-term fitness, muscle building and fat loss.

Missing warm-up

A warm-up prepares you mentally and physically for your workout. The muscles are supplied with blood, your brain focuses on the following load. A specific warm-up for the respective exercises is also very important. Otherwise you risk – once again – injuries.

The general warm-up consists of cyclic movements of large muscle groups for cardiovascular activation, typically cycling, ergometer, cross-trainer, etc. In strength training, a duration of about 10 to 15 minutes is considered sufficient for this purpose.

Lack of variety

The muscle needs constant new stimuli for constant growth. Roughly, this is the case after 8-12 weeks in the same training plan. So it makes sense to integrate variety and new challenges every now and then when you stagnate.

Too long workouts

You should also not overdo it with the duration of the individual workouts. The time window in which you can effectively train muscle-building is very limited.

Thus, a workout should not exceed the duration of 45-60 minutes.

Too few / too many repetitions

Depending on your training goal, you should carefully plan your target number of repetitions – influenced by the weight and exercise you have selected.

No notes

If you don’t write down your workouts, you can’t evaluate and plan them properly.

Your notes are used to track your past workouts, track your body measurements, plan future workouts in terms of exercises, set counts, reps weight, gain motivation… Just about everything.

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