Arm training: The best exercises for your arm workout

The human arm is divided into the upper arm and the forearm. The upper arm consists of the humerus bone (os humerus) – one of the longest and strongest tubular bones of the human skeleton. The forearm is composed of two bones, the ulna on the side of the little finger and the radius facing the thumb. The elbow is the joint at the point where the humerus, ulna and radius meet.

The most considered muscles of the arm when it comes to strength training are the m. biceps brachii and the m. triceps brachii.

m. biceps brachii
m. biceps brachii
m. triceps brachii
m. triceps brachii

While men often want to have voluminous upper arms as a popular training goal, women tend to place more importance on defined arm muscles.

Top 3 exercises for the biceps (m. biceps brachii)

Biceps curl with the barbell

Biceps Curl, Standing, Barbell

Biceps Curl with the barbell is the most basic exercise to train the m. biceps brachii.

Biceps curl with the SZ-bar

Biceps Curl with the SZ-bar are a variation of the classic exercise that relieves the wrists.

Biceps curl with dumbbells

Biceps Curl, Standing, Dumbbells

Top 3 exercises for the triceps (m. triceps brachii)

Triceps pushdown, cable machine

Triceps Pushdown, Standing, Cable Machine (SZ-Bar)

Triceps extension, dumbbell

Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Extension, Standing, Dumbbell

Bench dip

Bench Dip with dumbbell