Abs training: The best exercises for your abdominal muscles (abs) workout

Abs training: Well-developed, powerful muscles of the body’s core form the center of strength in humans!” – This statement you will find widely in the literature dealing with fitness in general and strength training in particular. But is this assumption true?

It is! This central area of the torso comes into play especially when lifting heavy weights and carrying heavy loads. The abdominal muscles (abs) and their antagonists, the lower backĀ“s muscles (e.g. mm. erector spinae) should therefore be sufficiently trained. This will help you gain benefits and injury prevention in everyday life.

Not to mention that a six pack looks damn good.

Important abdominal muscles (abs)

The most important of the abdominal muscles when it comes to strength training and postural stabilization are the m. rectus abdominis and the m. obliquus externus abdominis.

m. rectus abdominis
m. rectus abdominis
m. obliquus externus abdominis
m. obliquus externus abdominis

The abdominal muscles perform several important tasks. They protect vital organs in the abdominal cavity and have a supporting function for the body, as together with the back extensor they keep the spine upright. Less known, but nevertheless no less important, is its function in supporting the digestive process, as bowel movement is improved by strong and persistent abdominal muscles.

Top 2 exercises for the abdominal muscles (abs)


Crunch, Weighted, Dumbbell

Crunches are the most basic exercise to train the m. rectus abdominis.

Twisting crunches

Twisting Crunches

Twisting crunches are the variation that sets a training focus on the m. obliquus externus abdominis.

More exercises for the abdominal muscles (abs)