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Strength training is used to achieve higher performance in sports, to promote health and fitness, to increase well-being, attractiveness and thereby self-confidence, or simply to experience the fun while working out.

It ist up to you. Strength Training is at any age, size and weight. You just have to get startet and keep it up. I will provide you with the necessary information.

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Nutrition is one of the cornerstones of well-being, health and athletic success. It is difficult – and not even necessary – to do everything right.
Good and encouraging to know, isn’t it?

You should simply follow a few basic principles, avoid the biggest mistakes and enjoy…
…the success.

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Before you really get started, you should familiarize yourself with the basics of strength training. This is the only way to train effectively, without risk of injury and without frustration.

For advanced bodybuilders seeking forced muscle growth, there are techniques for extending the series to induce more intense muscle depletion than with “standard” methods.

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There are many things you can do wrong with strength training. From at least a harmless reduction in the training effect to increased risk of injury, everything is possible.

Beginner´s guide of training basics

Whoever starts with weight training, whether fitness or bodybuilding usually has a specific goal in mind. You want to change your figure positively, as well as increase your well-being, health and performance.